DAVID • Think: Love for Tender

David Magazine cover 2-16This month, my piece “Love for Tender” covers the idea of what it means to be in love in today’s electronic world, where “likes” = self-worth.

Source: DAVID • Think: Love for Tender

And there’s a really nice tribute to David Bowie by Joshua Abbey (artwork by Jeff Fey)

2 thoughts on “DAVID • Think: Love for Tender

  1. Wow, I think the topic’s too big for a single post, but you nailed a lot of things we all think about social media (‘followers’ on Twitter, though, only became creepy when more than just public figures, comedians, actors, sports stars etc started becoming regular posters).

    Finding self-validation through ‘likes’ has always been a mug’s game. Always. I’m a bit out of the loop (oldie, as you know – *grins* – so no snapchat or whatevs), but is FB still as big as it always was?

    I was surprised when I changed my Twitter handle how different it was to be new there from only last year. Previously, I had dozens and dozens of porn characters all piling on to follow me immediately upon sign-up. It tailed off after I’d been on the site for a month or so. This time, only 1 porn-type person has tried to follow me. Have the pornsters gone on to new ways of self-promotion?

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