IMG_0035So at the risk of whatever, I’m trying something new and making some products for sale on TeePublic (I’m still on Etsy for now, but the other is easier) so head on over there and check it out. And just click on any of the pictures for a closer look (and direct links to purchase will be found at the bottom of those pages).

Any questions, please ask! And if you want a design on something else, just let me know. 


For the Generation Geek video series I’m doing for Comic Con Baltics (like and subscribe, please!), I had a couple of graphics designed for the phrase SensaWonder. Both designs, while different, are incredible and you should consider either artist if you have any design work needed. The first, designed by Lithuanian designer semashke really hit the concept running. The second, by Kym Bankowski, is streamlined and perfect for getting the idea across.

Some stickers, so you can see the full designs, followed by various products.



Turkey Give-Away

Vintage WKRP “Live Turkey Giveaway” t-shirts (design by Helhaus).
Ringer Tees are here. Regular T-shirts here.



I have a tattoo on my left arm, designed and executed by the amazing Victor Whitmill. When I was setting up this blog, I asked him if I could use that design as my logo, and he graciously agreed. And since I think it’s a damn cool piece of art, I thought I’d share it with you.


Retro SF

And finally, here’s some stuff just for fun. I found some great old pulp science fiction and comic books in the public domain and thought I’d make some products with them. Enjoy!


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