Here’s a list of all the travel pages in one place

My three-week trip to London and Las Vegas in January of 2023

A visit to Palanga August 2022

Trip around England 2022

Birthday trip to the Lithuanian Seaside 2021

London January 2020

Disneyland Paris July 2019

Cornella Clown Festival with Aga-Boom October 2018

In and around London Summer 2018

Easter in Rome 2018

In China with Aga-Boom March 2018

Aga-Boom in Tenerife October 2017

Holidays to the US and Disneyland Paris Summer 2017

Aga-Boom in Figueres, Spain – April 2017

In Kuwait with Aga-Boom Feb-March 2017

In Lisbon with Aga-Boom December 2016

A Day trip to London in March 2016

I took a solo trip to Belgium in January of 2016

A weekend in Poland with Monika – August 2015

Visiting the US in June and July 2015

A quick tour of northern Italy in January 2015

A selection of various one-day trips with Monika

The Wolf’s Lair in May of 2015

A day trip to Riga in December of 2014

London in September 2014 for WorldCon and then some

The stones of Anykščiai in August 2014

Disneyland Paris in April 2014

Overnight to Tallinn in December of 2013

Scotland, the UK, and Ireland – Birthday trip 2013 with Jennifer

Barcelona in January 2012

Backpacking across Eastern Europe Summer 2008

Road trip to Alaska in May/June 2007

Road trip along Route 66 Summer 2006

Florida with the family in 2001

Trip to Florida with AAron Summer 1987


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