When the giving mood strikes…


Really, this is just a page for me to keep track of cool gift ideas, things I might want to get at some point or a collection of ideas for gifts for myself or others. It will be updated as I find new, cool stuff. You can find my mailing address here.

The Obvious:

Amazon Wish List – here’s my general list of stuff I’d like.

Research Wish List – This list is dedicated to my research topics.


Gifts for Monki (or other little ones):

Monki Madness – this is the page I keep of all my ideas for her.

Little Passports – a monthly subscription of games, toys and activities to introduce kids to different countries around the world.

Werepups – Yup. Little baby werewolves. Get one for Monki. Or for me. Or even for yourself!

Gifts for Writers:

SCRIBE delivery  – a monthly curated box of writing tools, journals, and inspirational ideas to use them. A subscription box for pen and paper lovers.

Litographs  – 52 unique gift ideas for someone whose bookshelf is unbelievably full.

The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild – There’s all sorts of really cool stuff here.

Chuck Wendig’s lists – Penmonkey Wendig, who writes a great blog about writing, publishes an annual writerly gift guide. Check it out!

Writer’s Tears Copper Pot Whiskey – Do I have to say anything else?

Writer’s Life – All sorts of fun gifts with pithy sayings

Gifts for Book Lovers and Collectors:

L.W. Currey – always has a nice selection of inexpensive collectible books. They even have an assortment of nice books for $8

Bookishly – Custom made books and book covers, literary inspired art.

Customize Me – Custom made phone and tablet covers featuring all sorts of fictional books!

Funthropology – vintage comic book graphics on various products!

Todd Klein’s homepage – premiere comic book letterer doing his thing!

Gifts for Disney lovers:

Magic candles – which purport to smell like your favorite theme park!

Gifts for Geeks:

My Etsy Favorites

Monster Con – Game 1 in the Monster Con series: A monstrous competition for two or more players 

Because I Think I Can Pull It Off:

Opposuits – when you don’t know what will fit the occasion.

For the Obscure Music Lover:

Fish! – Here’s a link to his online shop. I wear a medium in T-shirts.

Gifts for Film Buffs:

Film Map – A street map made up of over 900 film titles including cinema classics such as Lost Highway, On the Waterfront, Jurassic Park, Reservoir Dogs, Carlito’s Way, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Valley of the Dolls, Chinatown, The Wolf of Wall Street and Bridge of Spies.

Stultsified – Beautiful reimagined film posters featuring dream casts from a different time or place! The Bowie as Doctor Strange or Humphrey Bogart as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner are especially coveted!

MondoShop – Some very cool movie posters redone in a variety of hip styles!

Gifts to inspire

The Zen Pencils shop – great art with inspiring quotes and phrases

Gifts for People Who are Impossible to Shop For:

Ian Cards – Unique and creatively cut playing cards.