Chateau de Chillon

ChillionSwitzerland, while nice, is, as I’ve said, incredibly expensive. And since I’m not sue I’ll ever be back here, I wanted to see this castle which is about 45km from Geneva, just outside the Jazz Festival home Montreux. It’s also where Byron wrote a fairly famous poem, “The Prisoner of Chillon.” about Francois de Bonivard. Evidently this trip was becoming a fair bit about Lord Byron. Continue reading “Chateau de Chillon”

On a clear day you can see… Mont Blanc

Geneva at NightSo Thursday I woke up early and headed out. After my long walk the day before I figured today was a day of standing around and looking at things. I already knew I was going to go to the Fondation Martin Bodmer, a rare book museum which seemed to be open only Thursdays between 2 and 6pm and the odd Friday so this was going to be my only chance. So the question was, what do I do with my morning? Continue reading “On a clear day you can see… Mont Blanc”


Geneva skylineThis entry actually starts on Tuesday, November 2nd with a lot of travel. Malev, the Hungarian Airline, is okay. Nothing fancy but then there doesn’t need to be. I made my flight (not as easy as it sounds, I got confused at the gate – there’s a difference between Gate 22 and Gate 22A – and they took me into a special room to make the power cord of my computer wasn’t a bomb) and made it back to Budapest easily enough. I even felt like a native as I was able to help some newly landed folks find their way to their destinations. Continue reading “Geneva”