Hvar and the Dalmatian Coast

Foursome on HvarSaturday we woke up early, packed up our belongings (we were moving apartments that night) and headed off to catch the ferry to Hvar (pronounced “Far” with a hard F), an island about 50km from Split, deep in the heart of the Adriatic. Okay… maybe not the ‘heart’ but certainly the pancreas! The ferry ride was an hour forty-five (about the same time it takes me to get to Budapest) amidst some incredibly beautiful islands and crystal clear blue-green ocean. I know this sounds cliche, but where do you think the cliche came from? Continue reading “Hvar and the Dalmatian Coast”


So after much deliberation and hemming and hawing, I decided spring break would be in Croatia, where I had NOT gone during the winter break. And it would be a part of Croatia I hadn’t seen when I was here in 08. So I was looking at Split and Dubrovnik. I was also looking at going with some fellow Americans, Chris and Laurel, and a Lithuanian, Rolanda, decided to join us as well. Continue reading “Croatia”