Barcelona Day Two

IMG_0131Wednesday morning and breakfast was again the same bread and juice and coffee assortment. I learned to say “poqueto leche” (I learned to say it, not sure I learned how to spell it) in order to get just a little milk in my coffee and enjoyed my morning meal with Holly while we made plans for the day. Our first stop, once we headed into town, was the Miro exhibit at the Barcelona museum of history…or maybe it was the museum of Barcelona history? Either way, we walked there from Placa Catalyuna and it was down by the harbor. I’d seen it the night before and knew that I could get in free with my ITIC card so it was good for me. Continue reading “Barcelona Day Two”

Barcelona Day One

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike all trips I’ve been taking recently, this one started with a preliminary trip. This is the hazard of not having a car (or any vehicle, really). So this trip to Barcelona started out with a train ride to Vilnius and then a second train from the Vilnius train station to the airport. Not a big deal and the Vilnius airport is fairly small and easy to navigate so there weren’t any problems until it came time to actually board the plane. Continue reading “Barcelona Day One”