Silesian Holidays – A weekend in Poland 14-16 August

2015-08-15 14.19.41Once again, I’m at Coffee Inn with Monika and she’s studying for a tour to the Silesian Lowlands of Poland. This is a tour she’s created and done a few times in the past, and it’s happening a week or so before school starts so I figure it’s safe to ask if I can go along. After a few minutes, she agrees. Now, sure, these tours are open to the public, but as she’s a friend, it’s like asking if you can visit at work so I want to make sure everything is cool.  Continue reading “Silesian Holidays – A weekend in Poland 14-16 August”

Lester Dent and the Pulp Formula

L.DentLester Dent wrote pulp stories in the 30s and 40s, writing as much as 200,000 words in a month and known for creating the super-heroic Doc Savage. While writing so much, he came up with a “Master Fiction Plot,” reprinted below. Karen Woodward, on her blog (which I strongly recommend for writers), has a great write up on his formula and goes into detail on the various steps. Additionally, Michael Moorcock speaks highly of the formula and has adapted it to writing a full novelContinue reading “Lester Dent and the Pulp Formula”