Monki Madness


Here you’ll find a collection of thoughts, ideas, and images I want to hang on to as future reference for things to do with and for Monki.

Monki’s Amazon Wishlist

Star Wars Snowflakes – a collection of cut outs for making snowflakes from Star Wars figures and ships. Also, here’s a link for crocheting Star Wars stuff. Should probably just make a Star Wars Craft link, huh?

Baby Lit – a collection of cool books and other literary type things for the kidlet! Of course, if we just want something for her to read, here’s an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online.

Wonderbly Books makes personalized tales for children. I’m pretty sure Monki would love one of these – even if she can’t read it now, she’ll be able to soon!

Radio Flyers – for their 100th anniversary, they “opened” a Kid’s Travel Agency featuring destinations you can only get to via the Radio Flyer!

Disney family – specifically a gingerbread Millennium Falcon!

Better Homes and Gardens has all sorts of neat stuff to make – including this list of mug cakes!

I don’t know whether Monki will want to sew or not, but just in case, here’s a link over 83,500 vintage patterns.

And if sewing isn’t her thing, crochet may be what strikes her fancy. If so, here’s some fun things to make.

Book crafts! Here’s a link to make Comic Book pillows. Here’s a link for learning how to fold book pages into letters. And another with patterns.

How about some small dioramas? Alpha Stamp has all sorts of cool things, too!

For some summer time outdoor projects or some rainy day fun, here’s 75 DIY projects for around the house and yard.



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