Never could get the hang of Thursdays… Fridays, on the other hand

So, being back in Berlin there were a few things I wanted to see and do… the first being to get my camera fixed! There’s no way I can undertake a trip like this without a camera. So I hit a store called Saturn, which is the German equivalent of Circuit City and asked if they could fix mine. Not exactly. It could probably be fixed, but not there. They’d have to send it off to the factory. They did, however, have the exact same model in stock so I picked up another one (I really like this camera). Continue reading “Never could get the hang of Thursdays… Fridays, on the other hand”

I must be in Seine…

First things first… how could I forget that Kenny, my tour guide for the walking tour, is also a Marillion fan! He’s originally from Scotland and we’re just chatting away and then I say I’m a fan of This Scottish singer named Fish at which point he starts quoting Marillion at me. Me! He’s quoting Marillion at me! The conversation continues and he’s a writer, MFA from a university in Scotland and has been working on his novel for a few years. Needless to say, I could have a friend for life here. Continue reading “I must be in Seine…”