Iceland – End of the Road…

Waking up on my last day of the trip was hard. I stayed in bed longer than I had to. I really wanted to rush out and say good-bye to Claudia and David, but they had to get up and go horseback riding. So instead, I stayed in bed, then went down for breakfast and finally went down to the souvenir shop to pick up some last minute gifts. Then I went back to Guest House Pavi, packed up my bag and headed to a different hotel where I would get picked up for the Blue Lagoon. It was a mini-van that came to get me, but that was only a short ride to get to the main bus terminal.

See, Blue Lagoon is 40kmfrom Reykjavik and the bus we took there is the same one we’d end up taking to Keflavik and the airport (another 20km away) so we could keep our luggage on board without having to worry about it, which was handy.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

So I’m there, at the bus terminal, across from the Reykjavik airport (small craft only) and I throw my pack down to wait for my bus. But I happen to throw it down next to the pack of this English guy who kind of has an Orlando Bloom thing going on. Not sure exactly how the conversation started, I think it had something to do with not being sure with which bus we were supposed to be on, but however it happened, we introduced ourselves (his name is John) and all of a sudden we are deep in conversation about Iceland and writing and science fiction. Turns out, he’s from Nottingham, home of Robin Hood.

Our bus finally shows up, so we load our bags, grab seats near the back and we continue talking.

Outside the Blue Lagoon
Look at that water…

On the bus ride the conversation deepened and we went from talking about general themes to our own writings and career plans. By the time we actually got to Blue Lagoon we were fast friends. The Lagoon itself was amazing, even before we went


inside. The water outside was an absolutely unreal shade of blue and was cold, as opposed to the water inside.

Inside, we checked in, received our wristbands and I rented a towel. The wristbands are actually a very sophisticated RFID tracking system which allows you to operate lockers, but drinks, charge spa treatments, enter the pool area… everything! So John and I grabbed ourselves some lockers, figured out how to lock them using the wrist bands and headed out to enjoy the springs.

The springs themselves are huge and vary in temperature from maybe 35 degrees to 45 degrees (Celsius, not Fahrenheit). It wasn’t packed, which was nice for a Tuesday, that’s for sure! We floated around, from place to place, heading briefly to the source of all hot water, an artificial rock formation where the

Steam, punk
Steam, punk

temperature was as hot as we were going to experience it. You could tell it was the place to be since there were huge plumes of smoke rising out of it!

And while we didn’t partake of the steam rooms and saunas (because really, what’s the point ofa sauna if you’re not gonna get naked) but we did enjoy the massage waterfall, which felt like huge, hot hands pounding on your back and neck. The thing which makes Blue Lagoon such a “must do” thing in Iceland, though, is not only the water, but the spa treatments. Now, being both boys and

Waterfall massage...
Waterfall massage…

broke (we were both heading home from vacation, remember) we didn’t actually make full use of the spa but they did have some complimentary facial products and we both decided to smear our faces for the recommended 10 minutes (at a point when, unfortunately, my camera battery had died so no pictures of pore cleansing products in my beard!). And, I’ll admit it, it felt good. I felt like a new man. Now, this may have something to do with the absolutely brilliant day I had had the day before or the beers John and I were

blokes, beers and beauty treatments
blokes, beers and beauty treatments

enjoying in the water (charged to my bracelet) but however you cut it, it was nice.

By now, it was time to grab the bus to the airport. So John and I headed back up to the lockers, got dressed and went out. I threw my rented towel over my shoulder, paid off the outstanding balance on my wristband and we checked out the gift shop before making our way out to the bus. We even got lost on the way, just trying to get out of the place. When we finally made it onto the bus, we took our seats and John looked at me and asked if I was just going to keep the towel.

That’s right. The towel I had rented to use while I was there was still hanging casually over my shoulder. By this point it was too late to do anything about it so I wrapped it tight and strapped it to my backpack. So with a new towel in hand, we rode the 20km to the airport, went through the long check in line and then grabbed a bite to eat. John and I said good-bye when his plane started boarding. I made a


quick, final stop at the airport gift shop before boarding my own plane to Minneapolis.

My trip was ending in a perfect circle. I had finally seen the whales and gotten the Robin Hood connection which started my adventures way back at the beginning of June. In the previous eleven weeks I had meet people I would never forget, seen sights I never thought I would see and ate things the human body should not eat (yes, I’m talking about salt licorice). This was the adventure of the a lifetime and certainly will change the way I go forward into the future.

I’ve been bit by the travel bug, and I will be doing it again soon. But now that I’ve done it alone, I think next time some company is in order. And of course, when I go, I will let you all know and this tale of adventure will continue.

Thanks. It’s been a blast.

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