Photo challenge

2014-01-29 20.34.57Just before my recent trip to America, I received this email from Monika, asking for a specific series of photos to be taken while I was away. Now, Monika and I have travelled together a few times and she knows of my passion for picture taking. And she has one of the driest senses of humor I’ve ever been privy to, outside of 70s BBC night time programming.

So here’s the list, as written, with my photos attached. Enjoy! (My notes are added in red)

Here you will find a list of pictures you have to make in January, 2014.

At the end of January I expect all these pictures published on your Facebook page (from Instagram or any other way you post pictures on Facebook). If anyone who has to be in the pictures does not want that picture to be posted online, I don’t care. They don’t have a choice. Unless the picture is REALLY embarrassing. Then you can just show it to me without posting it.

Pictures should be posted right after you take them. Don’t wait until the end of the month to post all of them. A few pictures every week should be fine.


  1. You in Warsaw airport with at least one leg up in the air. You will have to ask someone to take the picture. And there has to be something telling everyone it’s Warsaw, and not Kaunas airport. This was taken after several flights on the way home because I forgot to get it on the way out. 2014-01-30 14.26.09
  2. Any Jodi Picoult’s book in any airport shop. Just because I always get Picoult’s books in airports. Don’t get me any of her books though. I probably have that book you are looking at. 2014-01-30 07.45.27London Heathrow is always good for a Jodi Picoult sighting!
  3. All your luggage. In one picture. With your shoes on top. Shoes may or may not be taken off your feet.2014-01-30 14.42.53The look on the taxi driver’s face, who was waiting for me to take this picture before driving me to the train station where I would catch my bus for the ride home, was priceless!
  4. Arrivals in any airport. There has to be at least two hugs seen in the picture. Because there’s always a lot of hugs in the airport arrivals. It’s a cool place.2014-01-30 14.31.02 2014-01-09 15.50.40 I missed the hugs, but at least here’s some arrivals (the top is Warsaw and the bottom is Las Vegas)!
  5. Snow. Through the window or you in the snow. I heard it’s cold and there’s snow somewhere on the other side of the world. And you’re flying somewhere there.2014-01-30 13.03.54 2014-01-30 16.00.49 2014-01-08 14.13.51
  6. And you always talk about how cold it is in Lithuania. So I want a picture of you wearing sandals and short sleeves in Las Vegas. Again, there has to be something proving it’s Las Vegas. And I don’t care that it’s cold there now.2014-01-16 10.54.08I tried to get away with just short sleeves but it was a no go, so I had to do a second barefoot, since I didn’t have sandals with me!2014-01-17 13.02.52
  7. I heard you’ll be in LA, too. It’s definitely warm there. However, you will have to wear a scarf and a hat for the picture. Any kind of scarf and any kind of hat. In Los Angeles. Something LA in the picture, too.2014-01-24 14.47.03This is the beach. To be fair, it’s in San Diego because the LA picture (below) didn’t really capture the dichotomy as well as the girl in the background here. 2014-01-21 13.07.31
  8. A picture of you and your nephew, and both nieces. All of you have to look miserable. Like all Lithuanians. You know what I mean. No smiles.2014-01-19 11.58.30 2014-01-18 18.26.26A couple of different poses, sans one niece who, at 5, didn’t want to participate and there was no convincing her!
  9. Another picture of you and your nephew, and both nieces. A happy one. Because no one should ever look like you in the previous picture!2014-01-19 11.58.04 2014-01-18 18.26.31
  10. You and a friend of yours who will answer the question “What is the capital of Lithuania?” right. So every time you meet a friend ask them the question and if they get it right, take a picture. I want to see that face!2014-01-24 14.44.11Unfortunately, this first one didn’t count completely as, even though they are my friends and are living in America, Al and Teja both used to live in Lithuania and so knew the answer.  So I also had a few other friends who got it right as well:2014-01-25 10.30.51 2014-01-25 11.35.54

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