Revising and revisiting and rewriting

Opened_up_a_Pandora's_boxSo I’ve been having a crisis of confidence of late. I’m still going through it but it’s getting a little better. Mostly it’s because I haven’t written much for me lately. I’m not complaining (too much). I like what I’ve been writing (and hopefully will continue to write) but there’s some creative stuff bouncing around and trying to get out so I’ve been trying to write creatively on a daily basis, even if it’s just a little, even if it’s just a blog post or movie review, something to get the mental juices flowing a bit.

So on that front, I’ve been looking at old pieces with an eye to either finishing them if they were already prose or turning them into prose if they were screenplays. The down side of that is I have a ton of unfinished stories and scripts and so I tend to stare at them, opening different files and reading and thinking and rejecting them before rethinking and putting them back in the maybe pile.

So I finally narrowed it down to two pieces, one would be a continuation of a short story series and the other reworking a script. Today, I decided to re-read the script so I had an idea of the general premise.

WOW! It sucked.

Okay, that’s not fair. It didn’t suck, not completely, and the story itself is not bad and comes together in the end, but wow, could I do better now. And this brings me to the dilemma at hand. I’ve started to adapt it but now, after reading the whole script, I see there should be some pretty major plot revisions and some structure scaffolding put into place. But I think I can rebuild it. I can make it better than it was.

I’m putting this here for me more than anything. I will finish Pandora’s Box (title subject to change) as a novel, ideally by the end of the school year. Let’s make this happen!

3 thoughts on “Revising and revisiting and rewriting

  1. Sometimes a reboot is the best thing for a project (or writer). Who you are now has a fresh take on the plot/story/character than who you were then.

  2. Yup! It’d been a while since I’d actually read the thing. I knew the plot but wow… lots can be done with it, I think.

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