Where are you going? Where have you been?

ImageRecently, I was thumbing through an old journal and came across an entry from many, many years ago. It seems I was on the horns of a decision, a crossroads between two conflicting paths. I had mused to myself, at the time, if only I could see the future, see where each path led and where I was supposed to end up. I figured this would help make my decision easier. 

Looking back now, I left those two paths long ago. Neither of them has any bearing on my life as it stands now. This idea recently came up in my American Pop Culture class, why do we, as Americans, value the future as opposed to the past. Why do we get asked in job interviews where we see ourselves in 5 years or when we’re dating, do our prospective in-laws inquire about our prospects? And I think the answer is because that’s all we have. It’s the unknown. In an age where almost everything within our realm has been explored and a great deal of it discovered, there’s no sense of exploration anymore. Except the future. Ten years ago, I didn’t even have a BA and now I’m teaching university. Ten years ago, I couldn’t have found Lithuania on a map and now I’m living here. Ten years ago, I would never have expected to see places I’m now quite familiar with.

Life is an adventure, exploring and cutting our path as we go. I have my machete and I’m ready.

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