Practice Positivity

pierCan we stop now?


Can we stop with random negativity for the sake of just putting shit out into the world? I mean I’m all for public discourse and I certainly think we should call out evil and injustice where we see it, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about letting the world know you don’t like something for the simple sake of needing your voice to be heard.

Really, I’m glad you couldn’t care less about a sporting event or entertainment extravaganza, but why go to all the time and energy to demean people who actually do enjoy it? Particularly if you’re not adding anything constructive to the conversation. Especially if you’re not adding anything constructive to the conversation.

I was having a conversation with my friend Jamie D. Grant about this, about how recently I had run into an old family friend who I hadn’t seen in several years and before he had even said “hello” to me, he was making disparaging remarks about my weight. Now, I know he didn’t mean anything by it, but it struck me (based on something Jamie had said) that we, as people, spend way too much of our time denigrating and insulting each other. And we do it for no reason whatsoever.

The world is already a negative and depressing place without our friends passive/aggressively putting us down for enjoying something they obviously don’t. I get it. You don’t like something. But 9 times out of 10, you’re not doing anything but hurting someone else. What I don’t get is why is it so important to you that you spend time and energy putting that negativity out into the world.

It doesn’t cost you anything to be positive. In fact, I think you can actually gain by it. So whatdya say? Can we stop now. At least for a little while? And maybe just try and spend that energy lifting someone up rather than taking them down.

8 thoughts on “Practice Positivity

  1. I appreciate this post today. Also, your own positivity has consistently inspired me to be more uplifted (and uplifting) on a daily basis. So keep it up, captain.

  2. Mean people suck, but I gotta ask a question. Didn’t I observe you making really disparaging remarks about a gameshow host recently? That didn’t sound very positive.

    1. Which gameshow host?

      And I’m not saying we can’t be critical about something, I’m saying we should watch our level of outgoing vitriol. I’m thinking specifically of things like “I’ve never seen [tv show] and why anyone would watch it is beyond me.”

      1. Trebek. Whether he deserves the comments or not, I’m just wondering if they qualify as critical or just plain negative. To quote you, “What I don’t get is why is it so important to you that you spend time and energy putting that negativity out into the world.” Does that apply only to the online world, or shit people say in living rooms?

  3. Trebek is a misogynostic man who, in my opinion, does a disservice to women on his show and in the culture. What I’m talking about is a bit different and yes, primarily in the online sphere (which I know is rife with uncensored rudeness). As an example, when the Superbowl is on, someone will make a post saying something like “Why anyone would watch something this stupid is beyond me. I’ve never seen a football game and honestly couldn’t understand wasting my time.” To me, all this does is demean anyone who might like football and throws a bunch of negativity into the atmosphere. And it’s an unasked for comment as well. If you’re having a discussion with someone and you’re making social commentary and not attacking an individual for their interests just because they happen to be different from yours then I’m all for it.

    I just think we’ve lost any sense of cultural empathy and look at the world in such a way as to say if it falls outside my personal sphere of knowledge or interest, then it’s wrong and irrelevant. And to me that’s just a shitty way to face the world and have the world face you.

    1. I agree that there is a great deal of ignorance and bile on the internet (and half the news media) and that everyone should think before they speak. My concern was that I misinterpreted your original post as “don’t say bad things about people” and thought that was a bit hypocritical of you in light of past actions.

      1. So does jt make more sense now? And part of it, too, is my own negativity that I’m trying to keep in check. I just think we should think before we speak and yes, I’m just as guilty as others about this

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