DAVID • Think: Little Histories

David 9-14DAVID • Think: Little Histories.

That link there is to my latest piece for David Magazine. It’s different than the normal editorial stuff I do in that it’s a short story, this time about families and holidays. Sure, it’s set ostensibly around the High Holidays of Judaism but I’d like to think it’s a fairly universal piece about any time the family gathers to celebrate anything. It’s not a long piece, shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to read it, but I’d appreciate it if you actually gave it those few minutes. 

I’d appreciate it not only because I think it’s a good story, but also because it’s got some pretty wonderful art by Dainora Minkeviciute, a Lithuanian artist who is pretty amazing. She did the piece to the right, the typewriter and tentacles logo (based on an original tattoo by Victor Whitmill). She also did the other two pieces on this page.

orbits 16

Additionally, while I’m quite proud of this particular short story, I’m also feeling pretty good about the month in general. Despite spending a week in London, I wrote over 26,000 words this month (half of NaNoWriMo). One of the best months, writing wise, I’ve had in a while. I’m hoping the trend continues, but with school starting I’m not going to have as much time to write as I’ve had… that said, I can still budget in daily writing time, and I will. Already ideas are percolating.portrait with dog

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