Cultural Icons’ Favorite Books – Flavorwire

Cultural Icons’ Favorite Books – Flavorwire

Cultural Icons’ Favorite Books – Flavorwire.

This is a fascinating list. At a cursory glance, Catcher in the Rye seems to be the book mentioned most often. There are a number of Science Fiction fans (And I’ve fallen madly for Olivia Munn merely because of her choice, which is in my top ten). I think some of these are rather pretentious, feeling like what they shouldbe reading as opposed to what they actually enjoy.

For me, Lamb, by Christopher Moore, would be on the list, as would Tim Powers’ On Stranger Tides. The Sun Also Rises is amazing but really shouldn’t be read before you’ve had your first real break-up. So many great books out there…

But what about you? What’s your favorite book?

2 thoughts on “Cultural Icons’ Favorite Books – Flavorwire

  1. That was an interesting piece. The suspicious person in me found it interesting how some of them answered in a way that sounded sincere and others answered in a way that sounded more like they were trying to impress. But I digress. My all time favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. So far I’ve loved everything of his that I’ve read. But Dorian is my favorite. Another favorite is The Secret Garden and I love that I have that in common with Anne Hathaway 😉 It’s very hard to pick a favorite book though, especially for those of us who truly love to read and who knows our favorites may ebb and flow like the tides over a lifetime anyway.

    1. Exactly!!! Some of the answer seemed tailor made for “aren’t you impressed I know War and Peace” while some felt like honest answers.

      On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 7:19 PM, Getting the Hang of Thursdays wrote: > >

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