Old Timey MicSo I’m thinking about podcasts.

These are the democratization of ideas and thoughts, right? Anyone who thinks they have something to say has an open platform in which to say it. This is the digital version of Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. It doesn’t really matter if you’re right or wrong, no one is fact checking outside of their choice to listen or not.

Like a blog, a podcast can have a specific point of view… or not. It can be published (is that even the right verb?) on a regular schedule…or not. It can make money for the people putting it out… or not.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Should I do a podcast? I’m sure the technology is available and the barriers to entry are ridiculously low so do I want to do one? Would anyone listen? What would I talk about? My initial thought would be an ex-pat living in a former soviet country talking about movies and books and culture for 20 minutes or so a week.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Podcasting…?

  1. You have time for that? The tech is available. I think a decent microphone and mixing software all you need. If you have guests you’ll need to figure that tech out.

  2. Sure. I am always willing to kibitz with you about any subject. If you want to record and post it, that’s up to you.

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