2016 Reading challenge(s)

wpid-Photo-20150809132420691.jpgAs we roll over into 2016, a number of reading challenges have made themselves known. I think for next year, I’ll actually make one of my own but for this year, I’m just going to link to a couple of them.

Honestly, I love this. We’ve become a nation, a world, where gameplay is everything. Where if there’s no “challenge” then there’s no reason to do anything. This is why we “tag” people on Facebook, to push them into doing some silly task or even something worthwhile (the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… but see, there’s that word again.)

The point is, for whatever reason, people are getting excited about reading and that makes me incredibly happy. So, to that end, here are a few reading challenges you can get behind. All of them have downloadable lists for you to tack up on your bookshelf so you can cross out the ones you hit as you hit them. I’ll be playing along. Feel free to read my reviews or become my friend on Goodreads.

Book Riot has one with a prize for “winning.” This is a nice form, easy to write your books and quickly see which ones of the 24 you still need.

Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s challenge is a bit shorter, designed to let you read one book a month to meet your goal.

PopSugar, on the other hand, is the most comprehensive and longest list, with 40 entries (although some require reading more than one book).

I’ll probably attempt the PopSugar list (my friend Michelle asked for volunteers to join her, but if she wants to pick another, I’m cool with that, too) but no matter which one you attempt, have fun and enjoy reading. And if you feel like thanking me, you can always find my Amazon wish list a great way to do so!

3 thoughts on “2016 Reading challenge(s)

  1. The PopSugar list is…appealing, but perhaps to arbitrary at times. Some of those on the list can be crossed off by reading one book (e.g. Ben Elton), but how do you pick “A book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy”? And I will concede that there may be a book I have/will read that happens to be on the Oprah list, I will never, ever turn to the Oprah list to look for a book to read.

    1. The great thing about the Oprah list is that there was a point when she was doing classics so there’s an easy out.

      Yeah, the list is a bit…esoteric but that’s part of what makes it fun. And a book guaranteed to bring you joy doesn’t have to be a new one – could be one you’ve read and loved.

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