Dolphin Spotting

BumpWeek 23 and things are heating up, literally. Speck is about 29cm long and growing daily. Rasa is experiencing a textbook pregnancy, meaning if the book (we’re using the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, which we like better than the super scary What to Expect When You’re Expecting) says you might experience this, she’s experiencing it. Weird cravings (eating potato chips which she hates), muscle cramps, nausea earlier, low blood pressure, all of it. 

Recently, though, the little one has been kicking and Rasa keeps trying to get me to put my hand on her belly to feel it. But it’s kind of like whale watching (which is what I wanted to name this post, but naming a post about your pregnant fiancé “whale watching” is not gonna earn you any brownie point), where there’s a spout when you’re looking the other way and as soon as you turn around, the whale shows up where you had been sighting. So this was my experience, every time she’d put my hand where Speck had been kicking, the kick would be elsewhere and so on.

It took a while before I could actually feel Speck moving around but when I did, it was amazing. Of course, what kind of a blogger would I be if I didn’t share it. Here’s a video of our little one doing what little ones do.

I’ll tell ya, feeling the little one move, while amazing, is also a little daunting. Reality is setting in and I’m nervous. Yes, I’m also incredibly excited but late at night, when it’s dark and I’m cuddled up, hand on Rasa’s belly, feeling the little one moving about, fears and anxiety set in. This baby is going to show up right around my 49th birthday and all sorts of self-doubt creeps in when you least expect it.

But then… then the sun comes up and I know it’s gonna be okay. It will all work out the right way because it has no other choice and really, as 49th birthday presents go, a little baby is pretty hard to beat (so for this year, if you’re wondering what to get me, we’ll be posting a baby registry soon 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “Dolphin Spotting

  1. “Whale watching” would have been a VERY VERY poor choice. Kudos for not going there! 😀

    Seriously, congratulations! It is an amazing thing, my wee one is now 19 months and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s amazing how much stress and worry that a baby can create for a parent, even when EVERYTHING IS FINE.

    Breathe. It’s all amazing.

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