Olivia Munn and The Threat of the Fake Geeks – Paging Dr. NerdLove

Cliff Breczinski accused Olivia Munn of being a fake geek girl and of appropriating nerd culture. Why are we inventing new boogeymen to “oppress” nerds?

This is a long read, but well worth the time. It points out how everyone is looking for someone to hate, to pick on, or otherwise make feel bad for some reason. In this case, it’s the love of geek things.

Source: Olivia Munn and The Threat of the Fake Geeks – Paging Dr. NerdLove

8 thoughts on “Olivia Munn and The Threat of the Fake Geeks – Paging Dr. NerdLove

  1. My sister told me about this story (while we were at a comic convention) yesterday. I had to ask her who Olivia Munn was.

  2. i’m not saying it does. It never surprises me that some people will say (post, scream, tag, etc.) hurtful shit about some other people. But it does amaze me how much power we give to these people. Who the hell is CliffyB and why does anybody listen to his crap statements?

  3. Yep, shout down all the shouters, “but I’m sick and tired of all these hits. I hit Krako, Krako hits Tepo, Tepo hits me”.

      1. Ah, that’s the question. I think the speed of commentary has exceeded our (human groups) buffering ability. Idiocy still exists, but now leave global footprints. Outrage responds at the speed of retweets. Before the subject is fully assimilated, discussed, and reasoned with by the whole group it has been eclipsed by the next outrage.
        I have outrage fatigue from so many calls to be outraged over something. And some folks fear their message is being lost in a sea of other causes so they turn the volume up. Everyone follows suit and the noise gets nastier (like election season).
        My wishful thinking is for Morgan Freeman to give his final Bonfire Of The Vanities speech, but to a listening world, “Be decent to one another.”

      2. There’s also the anonymity of the online world as opposed to the voiceless-ness most people in the real one. You don’t think you can say anything to anyone in person so you explode virtually.

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