…And we’re gonna get married.

You’re invited!!

After the mess of getting everything signed sealed and delivered, there was only one piece of the puzzle remaining; the form notarized by the US embassy saying I could legally get married. My biggest fear was that I’d get to the embassy and they’d have to run all sorts of checks and time consuming verifications and my promise to get the form back to the Kaunas Registry office on Tuesday to confirm our date wouldn’t happen.

With slight (but justified, I felt) trepidation I got on the train at 8:09am to make my 10am appointment. Getting to the embassy is easy, however getting in is not. You’re better off going in completely empty handed, as I did not. I had work to do on the train (and an audition later that afternoon – remember the last time?) so I had to remove (and power down) all of my electronics, including the code checker for my bank account and my cheap Tiger headphones.

Eventually, though, I made it past all the security (and after a wrong turn when the guard sent me to the wrong place) ended up in Consular Services where I filled out a form saying I had been married, I’m divorced, and yup, I can get married again. I have them fifty bucks and they countersigned and stamped it and, voila, I had the form I needed. 20 minutes, in and out, and they took me at my word on it all (I didn’t lie, even had my paperwork to prove it, but they never asked).

So next Tuesday I’ll go down and drop off this expensive piece of paper and things can progress apace. This means that on Saturday, April 23rd at 15:10 (3:10pm for my American friends) GMT+2, at the rotuše (city hall) in Kaunas, Lithuania, we will get married!

Which leads us to the bigger news:

You’re all invited to the wedding!!

I understand this is short notice and I’m certainly not expecting anyone to hop on a plane, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we’re going to live cast the event and are inviting anyone and everyone to log on and join us. We’re going to be using the app, Periscope. We’ll be broadcasting under my account (@captainjaq) so just download and “follow” me and that’s it. It’s like interactive TV, you can type responses which we will see (we probably won’t see them live, as we’ll be a bit busy, but we’ll look afterwards and our camera person will certainly be there to read and respond as necessary.

The ceremony itself is in Lithuanian, but as I don’t speak the language, we are required to have an interpreter on hand so you’ll still be able to follow along. I figure we’ll be live from about 3 o’clock or so, depending on what’s happening, maybe even a little earlier. If anyone wants to see the events leading up to the big one, we can always do some extra broadcasting.

To make it easier, here’s the equivalent local times for our 3:10pm:

Alaska – 4:10am

Los Angeles – 5:10am

San Leandro  – 5:10am

Las Vegas – 5:10am

Phoenix – 5:10am

Portland, OR – 5:10am

Seattle – 5:10am

Chicago – 7:10am

New Orleans – 7:10am

New York – 8:10am

Portland, ME – 8:10am

Florida – 8:10am

United Kingdom – 13:10

France – 14:10

Italy – 14:10

Germany – 14:10

Poland – 14:10

Bulgaria – 15:10

And finally, the time in Melbourne 10:10pm

(Apologies if I missed anyone… But know you are still thought of and invited)


I will be uploading the video so if you don’t want to get up early, no worries, you can still watch and post comments on the blog page.

And if you do happen to be in Kaunas on the day and time, feel free to stop by Rotuše and say hi.

Looking forward to celebrating with each and every one of you!

6 thoughts on “…And we’re gonna get married.

  1. “This means that on Saturday, March 23rd at 15:10”

    You mean Saturday, APRIL 23rd, right?

    There’s no way I can arrange travel, sadly, although I would LOVE to come to LT (I think I told you, my paternal grandmother was Lithuanian).

    What about those of us without a smart phone so don’t have access to Periscope (or other apps)? Will there be a video posted here?

    Best of luck to both of you (and Speck).

    1. Thank you!!!

      You’ll have to come back for another visit (or when we’re in the states in January we figure out how to get the whole family up to see you 🙂 )

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