Virtual Baby Shower

IMG_2299In Lithuania, the idea of a baby shower doesn’t really exist and since we’re so far away from friends and family in the States, we just figured on not doing anything to celebrate the pre-birth of our little Monki.

But people have been asking what we need or what they can get us, so we made our Amazon registry, our Etsy list (which, yes, is filled with fun geeky things because as long as we still control what she wears, she’ll wear geek chic – if she doesn’t like it, she’ll just have to get to the point where she can tell us), and even a Pinterest board to show all the things we’re thinking of for our little girl. 

Problem is, shipping to get things here is rather expensive and while we’re incredibly grateful to anyone even thinking of getting us something, the added burden of postage can be a bit daunting (not to mention the confusion of sending stuff overseas and our postal system here isn’t the most reliable) so we hit upon a solution:

If you’d like to get us something specific for the Monki (and we’re certainly not soliciting – your well wishes mean the world to us), you can tell us what it is and pick a price point. We can accept cash and checks through the folks (the US address here) or credit cards via paypal and if you tell us what you want the money spent on, that’s what it will be spent on – we’ll even send you a picture of what we got and a thank you note from the Monki when she’s born (to be fair, one of us will probably write it, but only because her little hands will have a hard time with the pen – we will insist she seal it with a hand or footprint, though, to make it all official like).

Conversely, if there’s something you absolutely think she would love but is one of a kind or not available here, shipping to the folks’ place is okay, and shipping can be consolidated (or picked up in person next time we’re in town – which hopefully will be January).

Thanks for thinking of us at this special time. We really do appreciate it.


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