DAVID: Father’s Day

David_6_16.jpgHappy Father’s Day!! As this is my last year of NOT being a father, we decided to take a little time and seek some advice from the best father I know – mine!

This short interview is a condensed form of a conversation we had (and I assume we will continue to have).

Thanks, Pop! You mean the world to me!

And hey, since the world of print is limiting, here’s a couple of bonus shots of us from when I was a wee one:

3 thoughts on “DAVID: Father’s Day

  1. Things were just more orange in the 70s, weren’t they! :-0

    “Children grow so fast. You gotta be careful. ’Cause one day they’re 6 months old and the next day they’re 50, and it doesn’t take that long”

    He had lots of wise words in that interview. I bet he became a father much younger than you, though (otherwise, he’d be pushing 100 years old!). At our age, we *know* how fast time flies – though is that a better mind-set for being a parent? Who knows?

    1. He was 26 when I was born and 30 with my sister. Yup. We know how quickly time flies – just means we pay attention and focus a little more 🙂

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