Half a year and counting…

clothes-pileI guess 6 months marks a specific milestone in the little one’s development. At least it does for me. I know she’s doing new things every day, getting stronger and developing more of her personality, but for some reason, the arbitrary reaching of 6 months is significant. 

6 months also marked the point where Rasa decided enough was enough and we needed to go through Monki’s old clothes in preparation for either selling them, or sending them to a couple of friends who are both having kids in the next few months (in reality, they’re both actually due the same day, which is wild!). Seeing this stack of clothes on the couch was pretty impressive, not just in how much cold cash it represented, but in how much change the little one had gone through in the last half year (I’m going to blame a portion of her rapid growth, though, on Rasa’s home cooking, which I wrote about here and you can read Rasa’s own version here).

It affected Rasa much more than me, but it was still kinda sobering to see outfits which had been too big not that long ago now laughably small and tight. Rasa would hold up something and before folding it and sorting it into a pile for distribution say “remember when… ” and we’d both nod and smile at whatever memory it was until a few minutes later when she would pick up something else and that would spark a whole new reminiscence.

So yeah, it’s true what they say. It does go by quickly. But that’s okay, I think. At least for now. I’m sure in the coming months and years I’ll look back on today with fondness and nostalgia but honestly, I’m glad these times are going by. I can’t wait until she starts walking and talking, is able to wear clothes for more than a few weeks at a time. And yes, you have permission to mock me and remind me I said this when, next year at this time, I’m complaining about her walking and getting into everything and that she won’t ever stop talking… but I’m pretty sure I’ll still feel the same way about not having to get rid of clothes so often.

4 thoughts on “Half a year and counting…

      1. You should photograph each pair of shoes she gets in the next 10 years. There will be a lot of them.

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