What city in Europe or North America is on the same latitude as yours?


You know, as we head into fall, and winter starts making a comeback (yes, I know this is only August, but that’s kinda the point here) it starts to get interesting to know where we are in the world. Not where in the world are we, although that’s important, too.

Instead, it seems to me to be a little relevant to understand how we line up with what I know. This is normal for me, in terms of transitions. It took a while to understand what 24ºC felt like. I knew what 75ºF was, so I spent a lot of time converting in my head. Same with money and distance (although the relative values of those things makes the comparisons a bit harder).

Anyway, to the end of determining why it’s getting cold in August, here’s a relative map which shows where Europe is placed in relationship to North America. Kaunas, where I live, is right up there (literally) with the wilds of Canada.

Source: What city in Europe or North America is on the same latitude as yours?

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