She’s your kid…

Castle walking.jpgThere’s an interesting things that’s been happening as Monki is getting older. She’s developing a personality. Okay, that’s not the interesting part – well, it is, but not really relevant to what I want to talk about. See… along with the personality, you can see certain traits form and develop like eddies and whirlpools in a tidal inlet. 

And pretty soon, you start to realize she’s a little mirror and reflecting your own traits and personality bits back at you. Sure, like any good Darwinian, there are mutations and changes, but you can definitely see the root of these traits within yourself if you look. All of which has led us to a little game Rasa and I have started playing. When we see certain traits which remind us either of ourselves or our partner, we’ll usually note it with a comment akin to “she’s your kid” or “that’s my daughter.”

Usually, these are rather self-deprecating but it’s still funny.

For example:

When Monki is particularly clever, like figuring out how to climb on something or she puts her toys away where they go, she’s Rasa’s baby.

When she walks into a glass door?

That’s my kid!

Castle walking.jpg

2 thoughts on “She’s your kid…

  1. Very subjective observations. An artificial-net-substitute (Siri, etc.) might be more objective but won’t give social-appropriate declarations. A true A.I. (Jarvis) would be, “oh yeah, she’s totally your kid.”

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