Toxic fan culture

Geek Geek
From Scott Johnson

Really interesting piece here about toxic fan culture. The writer references Rick and Morty, a show I’ve never seen (and to be honest, I’m getting mixed reports and have such limited time I don’t know if I ever will) but the idea of the Revenge of the Nerds seems so odd to me.When we were kids and liked comic books and D&D and all that, we were so excited to find other people who were into the same things. I remember once, I was in London with some friends and a group of us were going to a party. One of my friends all of a sudden got very excited and told me there was going to be someone else at the party I just had to meet. When I asked why, I was told “Because they’re a Marillion fan, too!” And that’s exciting. Finding someone who likes what you like so you can share your mutual appreciation and, as they say, “geek out” about it*.

Which is why I just don’t get the toxicity of “nerd rage.” I don’t understand why we, who are of a certain age and who have been picked on and ridiculed for our likes, all of a sudden think it’s okay to return the favor just because other people are coming around to  enjoy the things we enjoy.

So if anyone is interested and just now discovering things like movies and comic books and D&D and any of those other things, I’m happy to join you in conversation and welcome you to the club!



*I’ve been a fan of Marillion and their former lead singer Fish since 1986 when I first heard the album Misplaced Childhood. I have been mocked and teased about it ever since. In fact, some one once described liking Marillion as the British equivalent of liking Styx… whom I also like.

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