The Princess Diarist – Carrie Fisher

33290316This was my first time reading/listening to a Carrie Fisher memoir and I was blown away. Even 40 years removed from the topic at hand, it’s amazing how much insight and honesty she has for the subject matter.

Yes, it gets a little uncomfortable during the brief period between reminisces when Billie Lourd (Fisher’s daughter) reads Fisher’s journals from the time of filming the first Star Wars film (and her affair with Harrison Ford, ostensibly the reason for this particular tome) and you can hear the hurt and casual pain in the events and situations as they are happening as opposed to the current Fisher explaining and justifying her feelings and thoughts.

Now I’m going to have to get the rest of Ms. Fisher’s books because if, as common consensus seems to agree, they are better than this one, I can’t wait to experience them.

Oh yeah, not sure how I’m going to feel the next time I watch Empire Strikes Back because now, that classic “I love you.” “I know” scene seems to have far more resonance.

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