Bloom County in Contexts « The Hooded Utilitarian

Bloom County is High School for me. Before the collections came out, I would faithfully clip the strip daily from my local paper in order to have them all gathered to read and re-read at my leisure. Then, the first book, Loose Tails, came out and it was magnificent. Over the years, I’ve bought and re-bought the collections and followed the course of Berke Breathed as the strip changed from Bloom County to Outland to the Sunday only Opus strips to nothing and then, miracle of miracles, back in an irregular way on Facebook.

The characters are riding the pulse of the modern life, even if they’re not yet old enough to vote (or are flightless waterfowl). The wordplay is delicious and the insight into the human condition worthy of accolades and awards. But that’s just my thoughts. Here’s a great essay which says things in a much cleverer way, with many more insights: Bloom County in Contexts « The Hooded Utilitarian. Enjoy!

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