Boston Public Library Put Its M.C. Escher Collection Online, So It’s Time to Redecorate Your Dorm Room

I have this theory on the evolution of the knowledge of surrealism. You start off with an appreciation of M.C. (Maurits Cornelis) Escher as you start to understand art in general. Here are illustrations designed to play with your sense of perception. His images have been co-opted for jigsaw puzzles and t-shirts and posters (not to mention set design).Once you establish a fondness for the “reality-bending” yet easily accessible Escher, you move on to the self-indulgent and over the top work of Salvador Dali, who was just as concerned with the selling of his image as with the selling of his art. And if you go past Dali, you discover the work of Rene Magritte, who is just as simple and accessible as Escher, at least at first glance, but rewards deeper observation with a sarcastic or even satirical point of view, which, to my mind, seems more mature and lasting than Dali (whom I love, don’t get me wrong).

All of this is by way of introduction to the fact that the Boston Public Library Has Put Its M.C. Escher Collection Online. This is 88 of some of his most recognized pieces, all available for you to download and use. This goes along with my love of Internet archives and the fact that in this day and age, so much is available to anyone who wants to find it.


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