Beat the Backlist 2019 Hogwarts Mini Challenge | NovelKnight

I know I already posted my 2018 reading post, but I just came across this, over at NovelKnight, and feel, as a proud Hufflepuff, I have to participate as well. Come and join me – earn points for your house! Beat the Backlist 2019 Hogwarts Mini Challenge.

Now, I’m supposed to list my backlog, the books I want to read in calendar year 2019. The problem, of course, is it changes constantly, but okay, theres a few I know I want to get to this year:




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One thought on “Beat the Backlist 2019 Hogwarts Mini Challenge | NovelKnight

  1. Ooooh, so this is what you had in mind! Sounds like fun, even though I probably will get only 10 or so points, and I kinda have to decide which house I am in. Had two different answers on Pottermore accounts and personally I don’t know which house I belong to. No pressure to decide right now though, so another yay.

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