Pumpkin carving 2019

pumpkins-2019.jpgFor a couple of days now, all Monki has wanted was to get and carve a pumpkin. Okay, to be fair, she wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin and she wanted to dress up like a puppy dog, while I dressed like a pirate and Rasa was a fairy.

She did not come by this honestly. Instead, she’s been watching Cocomelon (formerly ABCKids TV and our favorite amongst the kid friendly YouTube channels). On the 22nd of October, the published a new, fall themed video where, in fact, the family of five goes to a pumpkin patch, with JJ, the littlest kid, dressed like a dog while his sister is a fairy and his brother is a pirate (the parents are there, but they don’t matter as much).

So the idea of pumpkins have been on her three-year-old mind. Yesterday, I stopped and picked up a pumpkin carving kit, as well as a ceramic, paint it yourself mini pumpkin, and today we got an actual, full size pumpkin ready for carving.

Once we got home with our haul, it was non-stop nagging from the little one to open up the carving tools and have at it. But first there was work to do, then dinner, then clean-up but eventually, it was time.

We took the pumpkin firmly in hand and proceeded to cut the top off. Rasa had picked one with only a little stem so there was some trouble in prying it loose. But Monki was Jaq Cleans.jpgright there, cheering me on (honestly, when your three-year-old is yelling “you can do it, daddy!” there’s not much you can’t do) and so, finally, I pried the top loose and pulled it off the rest of the pumpkin.

Now, here’s the thing. I’ve done this before. I knew what to expect. I was fully prepared for the guts and slimy, stringy innards of the pumpkin to be revealed. Monki? Not so much.


To give her credit, she stuck it out for a good five minutes while I began the process of cleaning the thing. She did, however, draw the line when I asked (prodded, pleaded, cajoled) her to reach in and pull out some seeds herself. Nope. Was not gonna happen.

Jaq Carves.jpgShe kept repeating how gross it was before retiring to the couch to watch her nighttime television. Rasa, meanwhile, had also never carved a pumpkin and was also grossed out by the innards, but at least she was able to overcome that revulsion to participate a bit.

As our first pumpkin, we decided to go with a classic design and she drew the familiar triangular eyes and nose as well as the irregular shaped, gap toothed mouth. I cut out the mouth and one eye while she cut out the rest. Then, once we had it lit and sitting next to the ceramic mini pumpkin Monki had painted pink earlier in the day, Monki decided it was cool and was very happy with her pumpkin carving evening. In fact, we all were.

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