Monki with a Tool Belt

chico bon bon copyWe’ve been talking about getting Monki a new bed for a while now. She’s four and a half, sure, but she fits just fine into 122/128 (that’s 7/8 for you Americans) and she tends to thrash a bit when she sleeps. What this means is that the bed she’s had for the last couple of years is actually getting a bit too small. Now, a couple of things have been interrupting this conversation. One, beds are expensive as hell (and there’s a whole host of subcategories that go along with that) and two, we weren’t sure how a new bed was going to fit into her room. On the other hand, in the office, there was already a single bed, which we’ve used for guests, and I suggested we give Monki that bed, but then the question of how to move it kept getting raised. Finally, Rasa, who has the brains in the outfit, suggested we merely swap rooms altogether. Not a bad thought and so this weekend, we did it.

However, there were a couple of things which needed to be sorted out. First, because she does still thrash around in bed, we knew we needed to get a guardrail for the bed she’d be moving to. We’ve ordered it and until it comes, her new room has both her old bed and and her new one in it. And even with both beds, there’s still a ton of room in there for her to play. I never realized the size difference was that immense. Of course, this means that the new office, her old room, is now considerably smaller, with less room for things like books. And if you know me, I will grow a library to fit available space. This led to another thing which had to be taken care of, which was ordering a new, significantly-sized, bookcase.

The case, a “billy” from IKEA, showed up yesterday morning and this morning, we cleared out her old room and she and got to work assembling the thing. See, yesterday, as we started the process, Rasa and I were both fairly busy trying to get the initial transfer done and Monki was left to her own devices and she was feeling a bit alone. So before she went to bed yesterday, she and Rasa talked and she decided she’d spend the day helping me.  “And if mommy calls me, I’ll say ‘I’m busy’ cause I’m helping daddy!”

Say what you will about IKEA, but you know what? It’s perfect for those wonderful teaching moments. Since we were dealing with a prefab construction, everything was ready for her to go. We started by separating and counting all the main pieces and hardware. Then we could easily follow the “constructions” to put it all together. She was able to “read” the images and, with guidance, led the building effort. It was wonderful! Not only did she put all the parts where they went, but she used screwdrivers and hammers and is beginning to understand their function. She could easily see how the shelves fit together and how a screwdriver worked better when you were straight on rather than coming at it from the side and how holding a hammer near the back was easier than holding it near the head.

Okay, yes, she did get bored once the bulk of it was finished and ran off to do other things, but what are you going to do? She’s 4 1/2! But it did let her identify a bit more with one of her favorite cartoon characters, Netflix’s Chico Bon Bon – Monkey with a Tool Belt. She loved walking around with the hammer and figuring stuff out the way Chico does. And as a dad, it was the best feeling in the world!



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