Describe the places you’ve lived

IMG_2261So let’s break this down. What is this question actually asking? How much depth do we get into? Do we look at the micro or the macro? I suppose that’s the mark of a good question though, huh? That you can read many interpretations into it and approach it with whatever angle you want. Continue reading “Describe the places you’ve lived”


V2 by Justė Kazbaraitytė
V2 by Justė Kazbaraitytė

So yesterday I won an award. Was nominated for four.

I was voted by the student body at Vytautas Magnus University a likely candidate to be the funniest professor, the best orator, best foreign professor and best all around professor. I took home the prize for Best Foreign Professor. This time around the award was a large hourglass which takes about a half hour to cycle through. Last year was an engraved globe and the year before a sculpture for the desk. Third year in a row I’ve won this particular prize. Continue reading “Awards…”

Hungarian Weekend

Eniko at BalatonWith my time in Hungary rapidly coming to an end, my friend Enikö took it upon herself to make sure I didn’t leave without seeing some of the best parts of the country. She’d already taken me for s day to Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe and known as the Hungarian Sea. During the Soviet occupation it was a prime tourist destination for a number of German and other Eastern European nationals and has retained a lot of it’s “seaside” flavor. Continue reading “Hungarian Weekend”