Organ Donors

472604996I was in a bar the other day, trying to get Guantanamo to buy me a drink when this cute young thing walked in and headed straight for a bar stool near mine.  I took it as a sign from above and headed over to offer her a bag of complimentary airline peanuts I had saved for just such an occasion. It worked.  We started a pleasant conversation and I figured I was getting somewhere until I mentioned that I worked for a motorcycling magazine. After that, the conversation took a downward spiral that I never recovered from and I ended up leaving with only Mr. Guantanamo for company.

What had gone wrong?

It started when she made the comment that most young organ donors were men killed in motorcycling accidents.  It seems they get their heads all busted up but the rest of their bodies remain just fine. She wanted to know how I could not support the helmet law!  I started to explain to her all about choice and freedom and all of that.  I even pointed out that motorcycling deaths have increased (that means gone up for those of you who still don’t get it) since the helmet law went into effect.  She didn’t care.

By the time the night was finished, she had me labeled as a pinko liberal who wanted nothing more than socialized medicine and a blow job from Hillary.  Now, we all know she’s wrong.  I don’t even find Hillary attractive.  She’s okay, but she’s no Dagny Hultgreen.  Hell, this woman even voted for Bush…and she was proud of it!!”‘

It didn’t hit me until long after she had left and it was far too late to make any kind of substantial rebuttal exactly what she had said.  Donated organs were being used to save lives, as many as five or six per body, and these organs were coming from young guys on crotch rockets.  Do you know what this means?  I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but whenever I go to the DMV (Devil’s Mankind Victories), they always ask if I want to have my organs go to some needy individual after I die.  They asked when I finally got a license to drive a car, so I know it’s not just for bikers.  Now stick with me and see if you can follow this logic.

There are more cars on the road than bikes (check out the 405 any day, any time).  Therefore, there are more car accidents than bike accidents. From there, I think it’s safe to assume there are at least an equal number of usable organs in car and bike fatalities.  With me so far?  Do you see where this going?  If there are the same amount of organs in a car accident, why are most organs coming from young bikers?  Because young bikers are the ones with the social responsibility to fill out the little cards.

So, anyone of you, my lovely readers, who find yourself with someone who just doesn’t understand why you want to ride real fast, tell them about the little card you filled out. It just might change their mind if they know you’re out there on the crest highway for the betterment of humanity.



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