Skids Poppe

Skids Poppe

Johnathon_Blaze_(Earth-616)_from_Marvel_Spotlight_Vol_1_5_001I’ve always loved motorcycles. I’m gonna say it stems from first picking up a Ghost Rider comic book (#35, “Death Race,” way back in early 1979, from the wall rack at the Readmore bookstore on Spring Mountain and Jones). Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider‘s secret identity, became my personal favorite hero and I proceeded to collect every appearance of the character in the Marvel universe up to that point. Continue reading

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Calling August Everywhere…

Calling August Everywhere...

How have I never seen this book before? I really need to write a new Skids Poppe adventure, huh?


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grayscale photo of parked motorcycle

Photo by Eneida Nieves on

You always think it happens to someone else don’t you. You just can’t know how you’re going to feel: Angry, pissed off, frustrated, hurt, violated. I mean, I’d seen it happen to friends of mine. I’d be there to comfort them, tell them we’d get the bastards. I never knew how painful it really was until it happened to me, until yesterday. Continue reading

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Alphabet – A Skids Poppe Commentary

keys1The other day, I was on a long drive on my bike, going up the coast or something like that and I started thinking about politics. Specifically, about the budget and ways to cut spending. Now, I hear you asking “But Skids, I thought you weren’t political?” I know. I thought so, too. But what are you gonna do? Continue reading

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Organ Donors

472604996I was in a bar the other day, trying to get Guantanamo to buy me a drink when this cute young thing walked in and headed straight for a bar stool near mine.  I took it as a sign from above and headed over to offer her a bag of complimentary airline peanuts I had saved for just such an occasion. It worked.  We started a pleasant conversation and I figured I was getting somewhere until I mentioned that I worked for a motorcycling magazine. After that, the conversation took a downward spiral that I never recovered from and I ended up leaving with only Mr. Guantanamo for company. Continue reading

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The Last Drop


topless guns

Photo Courtesy Howard Greenspon

The Last Drop – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

Admit it. If you saw a film advertised as a story about a girl in the desert with her M-60 machine gun, you’d be at least a little intrigued. I know I was.

It all started when Guantanamo Bey, my riding partner, decided he wanted to fire some automatic weapons. We jumped on the bikes and headed for Vegas. I know, there are places here to shoot but Vegas is so much more fun (look for my guest spot in “On The Road”, it’ll tell you all about it). Continue reading

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The Hellcats

220px-209-hellcatsThe Hellcats – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

I’ve been at this for a while now, at least a couple of years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this film. Sure, I’ve been screening documentaries recently and I know how everybody wants me to get back to doing real movies (thanks for cards and letters) so I go to the video store and try to find something I know you will all appreciate. When I saw the box for this one, I thought I had it. Continue reading

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Traffic School

action bike biker blur

Photo by Pixabay on

It finally happened. I was doing everything right, even wearing my helmet.  And it wasn’t my fault.  I know, you out there think good old Skids is just whining but if I hadn’t had Guantanamo Bey on the back of the bike, none of this would ever have happened.  As it is, I had to go to traffic school. Continue reading

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Street Smarts

Street Smarts – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

After last month somebody got the idea I liked to review documentaries, so they sent me another one. I decided I’d review it for the simple reason it saved me a trip to the video store. The mistake I made was in watching it early in the morning, when I was still tired. Hey, I didn’t know what it was yet. I didn’t find out it was a documentary until after I’d started it. It could have been another cheesy film like Nomad Riders (you remember that piece of cinematic vegetation?) and if it was I certainly did not want to be awake. How was I supposed to know this was something I had to pay attention to. Continue reading

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Nomad Riders

nomad-riders-dvd-80s-revenge-exploitation-film-7145Nomad Riders by Skids Poppe

Why is it that all biker films have to have the word ‘rider’ somewhere in the title?

All right, not all of them, but enough to make me think there’s some kind of conspiracy around. I just sat through eighty-two minutes of a film called Nomad Riders and I’m not sure why they were called nomads. I’m so confused. What is it? Did some market survey dweeb over at Vestron Pictures decide that if you call a film ‘Blank Riders’ or ‘Riders of the Blank’ that immediately all of us bikers would pick it up. I did. I’m not above saying I judge a film by its advertising, but no more! Continue reading

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