Review: You Kill Me

You Kill Me movie posterThe time has come, I think, to officially create a sub-genre in the dramedy film category for the hitman movie. There have been a number of them through out history: The ProfessionalGross Pointe BlankColdbloodedMr. & Mrs. Smith and now, a new one joins the ranks and for me, it’s number one… with a bullet. Continue reading “Review: You Kill Me”

Review: No Reservations

No Reservations movie posterTwo things about No Reservations, right here at the top, just to get them out of the way. They relate to each other and I think it’s important they both get mentioned, in order: first, this isn’t a bad film… it’s just not a very good one and second, if you want to know everything, and I mean everything important, that happens in this film, watch the trailer. Because if you’ve seen the trailer, then there are no surprises in the 105 minutes you’re going to spend in the theater. Personally, I find that a little troublesome because it takes a movie which could have been a cute, romantic comedy and turns it into a by-the-numbers rehash of every cliché in the book. As icing on the cake, No Reservations isn’t even original in its unorginality – it’s a remake of the 2002 German filmMostly Martha. Continue reading “Review: No Reservations”