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Review: The Hunting Party

hunting_partyRichard Gere is having a hell of a year, pardon the rhyme. Back in the spring he gave us The Hoax, about a disgruntled journalist who tells a little white lie that gets him in trouble with the United States government. In his new film, The Hunting Party, Gere plays a… well, he plays a disgruntled journalist who tells a little white lie that, ultimately, gets the US government involved. And yet these two films are miles apart in tone, style and message.

The Hunting Party is marketed as a very black comedy and while it has some funny moments, there are some scenes of such brutality that labeling this any kind of comedy seems rather presumptuous. And yet those scenes are crucial to the understanding of Gere’s character Simon, a disenchanted, former hotshot network foreign correspondent. Continue reading

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