Review: Cassandra’s Dream

cassandras_dream_ver4Maybe it’s just me, but Woody Allen has been slightly obsessed with death recently. Specifically, death with accents. Like his last two films, his newest effort, Cassandra’s Dream, concerns the moral and ethical choices we all face at some point in our lives. Namely, how far would you go to get what you want. And it takes place in London.

This time around, though, Allen shakes things up a bit. The most glaring difference between this and any of his other films is not only is Allen himself not in the movie, but it’s hard to picture him in any of the main roles. He’s finally made a film where not only has he stepped completely behind the camera in person, he’s back there in spirit as well, and the result is a gritty, stylized drama with bits of humanity so raw it almost hurts to watch. Continue reading “Review: Cassandra’s Dream”