Walking tours and Big Cards…

Yesterday, I decided to walk around Malmo a little bit. I ended up down by the river, where I took pictures of some artwork and the peddle boats. There was also this mini water jet fountain, like the Bellagio only smaller, which you could control from the river bank. I had a good time making the waters dance!

Today was another story. I had thought we were going to go to the beach. We did, sort of. What we did in actuality was go down to the Skellinge Theatre, where Malin is putting up her show at the end of the month (I caught the wrong month typo on the poster – in Swedish no less), and created GIANT PLAYING CARDS!

I did take a short break to walk down to the harbor, which was beautiful if cold and windy.

Oh yeah, and Malin’s dad, who is a huge fan of magic (the art form and the magazine) was helping. He builds a lot of her props and has a unique collection of Magic from issue #1 –

One thought on “Walking tours and Big Cards…

  1. I think I’m jealous–I want to travel Europe and see all the sights. What was it you bought in the hardware store? Continue to enjoy. We enjoy reading about your adventure.

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