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Bratislava (The Capital of Slovakia) – is a very very very fine place…

Oh yeah, forgot to mention last night I did my laundry in the sink! I borrowed some washing powder from Imbi and then soaked and scrubbed my unmentionables. This of course meant that this morning as I was running around to try and make my bus I left all my undies drying on the rod. Continue reading

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Looking for Harry Lime…

So I met my hostelmates when I woke up in the morning, having gotten in late (and they were both sleeping). There’s Francesca, from Germany, who is in town (along with 3000 of her closest friends) to take a medical school entrance exam and Imbi, who is from Australia and doing an even crazier tour round the world than I am. She started by spending 5 weeks in Africa! Continue reading

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Cold Realities..

My last day in Zagreb was fairly uneventful. I didn’t do much of anything, really. At least nothing touristy. I wandered around a bit, then found a nice place to sit and wrote my last entry and a bit on my novel and then headed to the train station for my 9 o’clock to Salzburg. I actually went a little early and ran into Annika and Cecelia, who were returning from a day trip so I was able to say a proper good-bye. Continue reading

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