Bratislava (The Capital of Slovakia) – is a very very very fine place…

Oh yeah, forgot to mention last night I did my laundry in the sink! I borrowed some washing powder from Imbi and then soaked and scrubbed my unmentionables. This of course meant that this morning as I was running around to try and make my bus I left all my undies drying on the rod.

I did make the bus, though, so that’s good. It was about an hour to Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia, former country partner with the Czech Republic (the split in 1993). It’s a small place, whose skyline is dominated by a 95 meter tower called the UFO. Naturally I had to go up to the observation deck. I figured I’d do this first thing (after arranging to take a tour later in the afternoon). It was great. Quite a neat little place. There’s a restaurant and bar inside and then you can take an extra few flights up to the observation deck which is outside. It was incredibly windy and I figured I’d have a coke light and just enjoy the view for a bit. Then I found out about the free wifi. So I was able to log in and upload a blog entry, all while feeling the tower shake from the wind (and the large trucks, since it’s built over a freeway).

Me at the castle
Me at the castle

Bratislava itself was okay. It was a nice a little city (in fact, their motto is “A Big

I just like this one
I just like this one

Little City” – Reno may have some copyright complaints) but I didn’t want to spend more than the day I was there. I did wander in to this weird little children’s interactive circus museum. I still have no idea what it actually was, but It was amusing. I took pictures (I know… Jaq taking pictures, how odd!)

The other thing which bears mentioning about Bratislava, though, is their dedication to public art. I don’t know if you’ve seen those weird compilations which are flying around the internet of odd statues around the globe, but a number of them are in Bratislava (although I did see one in Berlin). I’ll bet you can’t guess what I did when I saw all these really cool statues!

(did you guess right?)

Tomorrow is my last day in Vienna. I’m gonna get to that one museum I wanted to go to and then I’m taking an overnight bus to Krakow. But I’ll probably stop at McDonald’s and upload these last few entries and keep everyone up to date.

By the way, thanks for worrying. Makes a guy feel loved.

4 thoughts on “Bratislava (The Capital of Slovakia) – is a very very very fine place…

  1. You should feel really loved as I was doing a LOT of worrying. The pics are great. I like the bizarre one with the guy and the hats. Stay safe. Hugs.

  2. Yea don’t get to excited, mom worries when one of the grand kids falls and hurts themselves. But We did get kind of nervous and then you tell us about the police taking that girl away. WOW.

  3. I wasn’t worried a lot, but I did have visions of you tending bar (while ankle chained) in some seedy brothel in Albania.

  4. thats funny, it never occurred to me that anything would happen to you… i just assumed that you would talk your way right out of it! 🙂

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