David Magazine

July 13

I was wondering today, as I was finishing an article, how often I should put up a real blog post. I mean I’ll do reviews as I finish books and see movies. I get that frequency. And when I go to Scotland in two weeks, those should be nightly posts, or summary wrap-ups. I get that, too. But the rest of it, the real stuff, how often do I do that before you get bored of reading it and I get bored of writing it? To ourselves, for the most part, our own lives are boring. While I know I would be excited as hell to meet a favorite actor or singer, for them, it’s part of the same ol’ day in, day out routine. When I was in Hollywood or Vegas, to people who weren’t there my life could have seemed glamorous or cool, but those of us who know what a grind the entertainment industry can be, we know that glamor is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

So here’s that dilemma: If I don’t think my day to day is all that exciting, if I feel I have nothing to say, should I still write? Is that the height of narcissism, to write about yourself when you don’t care but you’re hoping someone else will? Or what if you’re writing because you’re interested in what you did, saw or thought, but then if no one else pays attention, are you the tree in the forest? In other words, I’m still figuring out what I want this blog to be, how much I want to reveal of the man behind the curtain and how much should just be the “Great and Powerful.”

With that all said, today is new magazine day, which will happen the first of every month or so, when I get to show off my work. This time around, it’s an article in David Magazine. Just click on the magazine cover up there and it should take you to the piece itself. This month I wrote about intellectual property and who owns the rights to what. So I suppose I should state that I own the copyright to the words on this blog and if you want to use them, just ask. oh yeah, and if you want to read anything else I’ve written, just ask. Or you can click here for a sampling of my non-fiction work and here for a sampling of my fiction. At some point I’ll get around to maybe putting up some screenplays as well.

2 thoughts on “David Magazine

  1. I think you should always write if you have something to say, but never force it if you really can’t think of anything worth writing about. If you’re bored, your readers will be, too–bet on it! 🙂

    1. Exactly the response I would give if I read this on someone else’s blog or if it were one of my students… but somehow even knowing the answer you still question it when it comes to yourself.

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