Sounds of the Disneyland Resort

Welcome to DisneylandIt’s no secret I love going to Disneyland. Seriously, just click here and you’ll see various reports of various trips over the last several years, and that’s just since I started keeping track! I’ve even published pieces about taking Monki there for the first time.

There’s just something about the place. Now, I get that it’s not for everyone. You have to be willing to let yourself go a little bit, get back to that place when you were a kid, when seeing a woefully underpaid local theatre arts major dressed as a 6 foot rat posing for pictures and listening to your deepest confessions (although whatever your confessions are when you’re three must be pretty important if you’re entrusting them to a mouse!)

IMG_4266It’s also no secret I like to work at coffee shops. I, along with other, evidently, find the general hubbub of coffee shop ambience conducive to getting shit done. Seriously, there’s a bunch of different apps, including this one, with sliders so you can determine your own balance, and even a Spotify playlist.

Now, with the pandemic being what it is, I haven’t been able to get out to the coffee shops, but I did find something which encompasses both of these topics in this post beautifully.

Yup, the Sounds of the Disneyland Resort! That’s right, it’s the ambient noise of Disneyland, which is just perfect for working against. At least for me. This is not only the various sounds of Main Street, USA, but also the ride soundtracks and the parades (seriously, how can you not use the Main Street Electrical Parade when writing a dystopian cyberpunk story?).

So if you find yourself wishing for the white noise of a theme park to help you focus on your work, look no further!

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