Review: Sunshine

sunshineThe problem with experimental films is that sometimes they fail. Sunshine is just such a film. Directed by Danny Boyle from a script by Alex Garland, this has a wonderful pedigree – these are the same guys, after all, who brought us 28 Days Later – and really should work. But it doesn’t.

This isn’t to say the film is a complete failure. In fact, not only is it quite beautiful to look at, for the first half it’s very good. Like a lot of modern films though, it falls apart in the conclusion, mostly, I think because Boyle and Garland don’t trust their audience. Continue reading “Review: Sunshine”

Review: 28 Weeks Later

twenty_eight_weeks_later_ver2Wow this film starts off good! 28 Weeks Later started, well, 28 weeks before. Before the starting credits roll, we are treated to a creepy, atmospheric scene, where a few survivors are holed up, trying to survive while outside the Rage Virus is taking over England. We are introduced to Robert Carlyle, Don, who is the de facto ringleader of this group and Catherine McCormack, his wife Alice. Within minutes the zombie-like victims of Rage have attacked, broken into the safe house and eaten most everyone there. Except Don, who has run out of the house, leaving his wife alone to fend off the flesh-eating creatures. Continue reading “Review: 28 Weeks Later”