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Space Riders

Space Riders by Skids Poppe

I can’t believe I did it again. I saw the video and was compelled to bring it home. I know what I said, but I guess the marketing guys are doing their homework because I really wanted to see another film that had the word “riders” in the title. I could’ve killed myself. But here I was, popping in a tape called Space Riders and actually getting ready to enjoy it, before I even knew what was happening. Continue reading

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The Hellcats

220px-209-hellcatsThe Hellcats – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

I’ve been at this for a while now, at least a couple of years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this film. Sure, I’ve been screening documentaries recently and I know how everybody wants me to get back to doing real movies (thanks for cards and letters) so I go to the video store and try to find something I know you will all appreciate. When I saw the box for this one, I thought I had it. Continue reading

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Traffic School

action bike biker blur

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It finally happened. I was doing everything right, even wearing my helmet.  And it wasn’t my fault.  I know, you out there think good old Skids is just whining but if I hadn’t had Guantanamo Bey on the back of the bike, none of this would ever have happened.  As it is, I had to go to traffic school. Continue reading

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