The Last Drop


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Photo Courtesy Howard Greenspon

The Last Drop – Reviewed by Skids Poppe

Admit it. If you saw a film advertised as a story about a girl in the desert with her M-60 machine gun, you’d be at least a little intrigued. I know I was.

It all started when Guantanamo Bey, my riding partner, decided he wanted to fire some automatic weapons. We jumped on the bikes and headed for Vegas. I know, there are places here to shoot but Vegas is so much more fun (look for my guest spot in “On The Road”, it’ll tell you all about it).

So we’re there and I see this poster (faithfully recreated on the box front and elsewhere in this column [without the LA Bike endorsement]) and I know I’ve got to see this film.

A few days later, the video arrived, autographed by it’s star. Is this a high class operation or what? I don’t even bother to read the back, I mean, if this flick had a plot, I figured it would just get in the way. Thankfully, the plot was minimal.

In a nutshell. We follow Bo (yes, that’s her name) around, watching her do what she loves to do best: Fire machine guns in the desert without any clothes on. What could be more natural than that? I know when I’m naked, the first thing I think of is shooting. Sorry, getting a bit off track, this isn’t about me. Bo (really!) drives out to the desert in her CJ-5, finds a suitable location, takes off her clothes, then field strips the M-60 before firing off 100 rounds into the sand dunes.

And she knows what she’s doing. She strips the weapon with precision and accuracy, which is to be expected from an NRA certified instructor. This is also where the video shows its stuff. All the guns shown are explained fully, as well as the Jeep she’s driving. By the time the 30 or so minutes had passed, I knew more about the Australian Owen Mark 1, a World War Two era machine gun, than I could possibly ever want to know. Bo (don’t ask me again) uses this 9mm to take out a herd of marauding balloons. Simply spectacular. After I watched the tape, I went back and talked to her. This chick is for real. She even taught little ol’ me how to fire a Heckler & Koch MP-5. The perfect woman (she loves riding bareback!).

After this, we follow Bo back to The Survival Store where she gives us a guided tour of the west’s largest supplier of automatic weapons, including a half scale 50 caliber which spent a portion of its life mounted to a Harley.

The tape can be purchased by mail order from The Poster Company, 3250 Pollux Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89102 for a reasonable $39.95. And if you like what you see, Bo also does personalized videos, but they’re more expensive. And she’ll autograph it all for ya.

Oh yeah. The Survival Store is also where they hold the annual “Shoot and Scoot”. I’ve been invited to go next year, so watch this space and I’ll let you know all about it. And I promise, next month we should be back to cottage-brain plots and Hollywood bikers. Maybe.

Skids’ target silhouette is available for public display or to tour the schools as part of a machine gun education program.

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