New Number?


So I’m on Skype (skidspoppe for those interested) and since I’m gonna be teaching a class while I’m over there in Europe I figured I should have a number where my students can get hold of me (and friends, too) so I got a Skype number so you can all call me and leave messages or talk to me if I happen to be on the computer.

Now here’s the dilemma: I can forward my phone so you don’t have to learn anything new and this way I don’t have to worry about missing calls or anything. On the flip side, though, my new number is 702 HALF ASS (425-3277). Come on… what would you do?

I think I’m gonna go ahead and forward the phone so you don’t have to think… but in case you want to have some fun you can reach me, at least for the next three months, at 702-HALF ASS!

edit: Evidently, I can get text messages at this number as well. They come through as a computerized voice and I can respond but it costs money. A better way to text is for me to IM from the computer to your phone. We’ll experiment as time goes on.

One thought on “New Number?

  1. That is the greatest phone number since Alexander Graham Bell had “1.”

    Anyhow, have a safe trip and have tons of fun over there… Be sure to take interesting pics!

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