Deutsche Museum…

Today was a slow day, a take it easy day. Yesterday was a bit stressful, for personal reasons and so I needed a nice calm day to recharge the batteries, as it were. So, instead of going on an excursion or a walking tour of something where I would surrounded by bunches of people, I decided to visit the Deutsche Museum. The Deutsche Museum is Munich’s answer to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. It’s massive, has lots of displays and exhibits and all sorts of technological stuff and even has a mine tunnel system (not nearly as cool as the one in Chicago, but longer).

When I first got there, I went in and realized 80% of the signs were solely in German, so I went back out and got the English guidebook. I needn’t have done this, since they had vending machines every so often which would dispense guide books like they were Kit Kat candy bars.

There’s not really much to say about the place, though. It’s a science museum. They have some hands on stuff, which was cool, and lots of vehicles (planes and ships and a sub) with cutaway sections so you can see the inner workings (the model ships they had, while cool, didn’t compare to those at the Smithsonian, simply because there was no “Mayflower” against which to judge the size).

Everything was laid out, over three+ floors, according to topic. There was mining and construction toys and Marine technology, etc. My favorite was probably the paper-making and printing sections which were quite neat!

All told, I spent about five hours there, wandering the rooms, playing with what there was to be played with and generally having an okay day. On the walk home, though, I saw something which made me laugh, so I took a picture of it.

And finally for today, here’s a picture of my new fiend Kamilla and I. She works here at the hostel and we’ve been chatting the last couple of nights, so I figured I should put her picture in here as well.

Tomorrow’s installment of (as Riley calls it) Captainjaq’s Mysterious Adventures – a fairy tale castle.

2 thoughts on “Deutsche Museum…

  1. Still looks like its going great. thanks for telling ME who that girl was. I read some of the comments. Yes it over 105+ degrees but who cares, its the desert.
    Its quite interesting that most everything there is in the native language while everything (in the desert) is in a different language.

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